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Is your little one sitting unassisted? If so it’s time for a sitter milestone session! 6-9 month milestone sessions are typically done when your baby can sit without the need of you helping them do so. Sweet Babygirl R visited the studio here in Lincoln Nebraska when she came for her 8 month photoshoot. This is one of my absolute favorite sessions to capture. At or around this age, your little ones personality is starting to shine and will undoubtedly come through in their photos. Moreover, they’re much more responsive by now, with the smiles and giggles almost guaranteed. And depending on the child, they might not be too wary of strangers just yet, however if they are I am sure to make plenty of time for them to get adjusted and comfortable around me before jumping into the session.

As the one behind the lens photographing your baby, another perk of this age range is they are not yet fully mobile. They won’t be able to escape the set fast like my first birthday milestones can.

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Baby Milestone Photoshoot Ideas | 8 Month Photoshoot

Have you ever wondered what your little one would wear for their baby milestone photoshoot? No need to worry, I provide everything needed. My photo studio is stocked with wardrobe for moms and little ones up to 6T. It is forever growing with things being added in different sizes as well. I am a lover for neutrals but soft colors are also my jam! Neutrals are just very timeless and will forever be a staple image on your walls. For Miss R’s 8 month photoshoot, we used the colors purple, cream and a burnt orange and she was so beautiful in all of them!

Props such as chairs, baskets, bowls, sometimes wood toys will be pulled out to add in with your baby during their milestone session. Chairs and baskets will be used if your little one is still a little wobbly while sitting. If you’re looking to get milestone session images of your own 8 month old this session is wonderful for ideas and inspiration!

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Sometimes families prefer to have milestone sessions done when their little one is 6 months, which I totally get because who doesn’t want to document halfway to ONE! Sometimes little ones are sitting unassisted at this age range, however if they are not, we will use modifications for their session. We will do images with tummy time, on their backs in props such as bowls, boxes or chairs with mama or dad close by just in case.

If you are wanting to know more information on having a milestone baby photo session done for your little one you can contact Brenaya and we will discuss the options available.