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Are you looking for creative newborn photography ideas to make your newborn photo sessions stand out and provide timeless art to cherish forever? Newborn photography is both fun and challenging, as this time period of a baby’s life only lasts a few weeks and theres no telling the flow of the session. As a new mom or upcoming photographer, capturing the fleeting newborn moments in an artistic way will create lasting memories that are sure to be cherished for years down the road and it can be easy to do!

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My go to for each and every newborn photo session is to pull a couple of props to use, my favorite is a bed and/or a basket. With these props I grab items that coordinate such as an outfit in a specific color with the layers and textures being the same color but different hues.

Props, textures, layers, poses with parents and siblings, baby solo | Atlanta Newborn Photographer

Props, textures, layers, are elements used during each newborn portrait session. Adding visual interest to the newborn photography session by adding props such as buckets, bowls, and beds. Textures add dimension! Textures can include layers with fringe, layers with a pattern or by adding texture to the background of the image. Like in the image above the textures I used are a jute layer as well as a crinkle layer in olive green.

Finally, photos with parents and siblings with their newborn baby offer a unique way to capture meaningful moments between family members and also are a great addition to a gallery. These types of photos emphasize connections between family members and provide a way for families to remember these special memories together.

Posing baby with Parents and siblings | Newborn Photography Ideas

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Posing newborns with their parents and/or siblings is an increasingly popular trend.

Not only do such photos make for great keepsakes, pictures together can be a bonding experience. Get creative, find ways that are comfortable for mom and dad to hold baby in a safe way. Snap the photo, parents absolutely love parent shots with their newborn baby no matter what!

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By using these few tips, you will be able to create easy newborn poses with great variety that capture the essence of your tiniest clients. For more tips on photography, or to see a few different sessions and the final galleries check out the blog. To keep in touch or to schedule your newborn photography session with me I can be contacted here.