Newborn Photos Atlanta | 6 week old Naji
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Atlanta Newborn Photography | Naji at 6 weeks old

You’ve searched newborn photos in Atlanta and landed here! Welcome! I am here to reassure you that even after those first two weeks newborn photos are still important! It is a joyful and significant experience to welcome a newborn baby into the world. Every time you spend with your beautiful newborn is filled with surprise and admiration. While standard newborn photography sessions are often held within those first two to three weeks of a babies life, there are excellent reasons to preserve the lovely moments and features of your older newborn baby through a professional newborn photography session in Atlanta, even if they are older than two weeks of age.

Their personality Shines! | Baby Photographer Atlanta

When your little one is over two weeks old, they have begun to develop their own distinct personality. Their charming smiles, inquisitive expressions, and ever-growing relationships with the world around them represent who they are becoming. A skilled and gifted newborn photographer in Atlanta can beautifully capture these blossoming characteristics, revealing your child’s spirit and personality. These images are a great witness to their development and individuality during this precious time in their lives.

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Perfect Imperfections | The Reality of Older Baby Newborn Photos

As you have searched and come across the serene sleeping poses and faultless features of a brand new baby, it’s natural to want perfection with your newborn photographs. The reality of an older newborn session is that we get what we can! Babies that are out of the standard newborn photography session window typically will be more alert and not like to be wrapped in the squishy newborn poses. I can guarantee you though, the outcome is the same for each and every session. Documenting your baby as they are! With an older baby, you have the opportunity to capture the raw realness of their personality. Their wide-eyed wonder, the adorable baby rolls, and even the rare angry face all contribute to the images’ individuality. Embracing these flaws in your older baby’s newborn photoshoot allows you to show their genuine character and build a collection of images that are completely unique to you.

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If you are looking for someone to capture your newborn photos in Atlanta, you’ve come to the right place! Lets get in touch!