Atlanta Birthing Centers | Which is right for you?
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Congratulations mama on your pregnancy! Now it’s time to find the right Atlanta Birthing Centers for you and I am here to help!  

Choosing where you want to give birth can be a daunting task, yet one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make throughout your pregnancy journey. You will want to find a place that makes you feel comfortable, safe, clean, and you’ll want the people around you to be people you can trust with your newborn baby. Whether it be you considering a birthing center or an at home birth.

You can spend hours researching for the right place but feel like you’re never going to find the right one for you, your baby, and your family. That’s where I come in! I took the time to research the best of the best when it comes to birthing centers in Atlanta, GA so I could take some of the stress off of you.

Here’s some Birthing Centers in Atlanta that I found for you…

1. ObGyne Birth Center for Natural Deliveries

ObGyne Birth Center for Natural Deliveries is located in Forsyth, Georgia. This birthing center is approximately 60 miles south of Atlanta. This spa-like birthing center is designed to help women feel right at home as they bring their new babies into the world with all of these lovely features:

  • Birthing tubs and Queen sized beds
  • Utilizes nitrous oxide for pain control during childbirth
  • Parents are able to go home within 6 to 8 hours after delivery

 This location is the first physician-led natural birthing center in Georgia! The other services they offer are : Gynecology, Midwifery, Infertility, MonaLisa Touch- Minimally invasive CO2 fractional laser, Hysterectomy and Robotic Surgery.

2. Atlanta Birth Center

This Atlanta Birthing Center is family-centered with holistic health care providers. They offer a nurturing, warm, caring, home-like environment where you will feel supported, respected, and safe. The highlights of this birthing center are:

  • The freedom to labor and birth in different positions as desired by you
  • Hydrotherapy in tub or shower during labor and the option for water birth
  • Delayed cord clamping with immediate skin to skin contact

3. Nile Women’s Healthcare

Lastly, If you are considering a water birth Nile Women’s Healthcare facility is the one for you! Nile Women’s Health offers a gentle, natural birthing experience without the use of medications. Some benefits of having a water birth:

  • Reduced desire for anesthesia
  • Less risk of vaginal tearing
  • Shortened labor duration because of relaxation
  • Calming experience which makes you feel more in tune with your delivery

I hope I was able to help guide you in the right direction in finding the place to birth your bundle of joy!

Embrace the intimate first moments with your new baby surrounded by people who love and care about you in a place you are the most comfortable.

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