Family Photographer in Atlanta | Maya’s Newborn Session

Family Photographer in Atlanta

Sweet Maya and her family came from south Georgia to have me photograph this precious milestone. This family now has two girls to swoon over everyday. During Maya’s session we kept it very simple and neutral. Big sister was unsure about the photography experience but we managed to get some lovely images with all of them together. We used neutral colors such as cream, black and white. Over the years, being a professional family photographer in Atlanta, families are blown away that I provide all of the props from outfits for baby, headbands, and baby beds for a stress free photo session.

Now let’s focus on this beautiful baby girls photoshoot!

mom and dad touching heads holding their newborn baby during a newborn photoshoot in atlanta

As your Family photographer in Atlanta siblings and significant others will always be photographed at your newborn photography session. Unless of course you choose otherwise which is totally fine as well! Toddlers, however, can be a little challenging!

Some toddlers/ younger children are eager to participate in pictures with their new infant sibling, they can be enthusiastic, and gentle. Some children are fearful, shy, timid, envious, etc. of their new baby sibling. Predicting how your toddler will respond to your new arrival is tricky. If their response isn’t exactly ideal, I assure you that it’s only a phase and will fade with time. If this is a concern of yours during your newborn session I can assure you that we can work it out. Let me tell you how.

family photoshoot in studio on white backdrop, toddler posed with new baby sister, family photographer in atlanta, atlanta newborn photography studio

How to engage siblings during newborn photography session | Family Photography Atlanta

Step 1. I always like to get a feel for how big brother or sister is engaging with their new sibling. I will ask them if they are excited and how they feel. This gives me a sense of when I should do the sibling portion of the session.

Step 2. I like to keep the focus on your toddler. Since you brought home their new sibling, it has been a rollercoaster for them, and their entire world has changed. They may not fully understand what happened or who this new human is in their home. I therefore make an effort to maintain their focus during the session.

Step 3. I will never make a child do anything they do not want to do. This is SO crucial! If they do not want to be in the photos with their new baby I will not force them to. I will never pressure them for a photo, if they decide to change their mind at the end of the session, GREAT! I have plenty of different posing options that I can use to get them into the photos with their siblings.

family posed in white studio with newborn baby for newborn photography session. Neutral colored newborn family session. Family photography in atlanta ga

Over the years I have learned many tricks and as a mom of 4 I will work with your toddler to make it an enjoyable experience for them and especially you as parents.

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Please be sure to check out my newborn portfolio to view my work as well as contact me to schedule a time to consult for your newborn or family session.