Best Lens Newborn Photography Nikon

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Many photographers always ask which is the best lens for newborn photography using a Nikon camera?

Being a newborn portrait photographer in Lincoln, NE and a Nikon camera user I have had the chance to capture babies with all different lenses with my favorite two being a 35mm and a 50mm lens. There are many differences between the two lenses and let me tell you the differences and why I prefer these two. All in all it comes down to your own preference when shooting babies.

35mm Lens | Best Lens Newborn Photography

Versatility | Newborn Photoshoot Lincoln

The 35mm lens is known for its versatility. It provides a wider field of view, making it suitable for capturing more of the surroundings.

Documentary Portraits | Lincoln NE Newborn Photographer

If you enjoy lifestyle-documentary photography, the 35mm lens is an excellent choice. It allows you to incorporate more context into your images, telling a broader story.

Close-quarters Shooting | Studio Newborn Photography Lincoln, NE

The wider perspective of the 35mm lens makes it amazing to use in confined spaces. My first studio space was only 200 sq feet and the 35mm lens was my go to for family portraits along with newborn poses.

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50mm Lens | Newborn Photographer Nebraska

Natural Perspective | Newborn Photography Nebraska

The 50mm lens closely mimics the human eye’s perspective. I tend to use the 50 mm lens when I want to get up close with babies and capture more of those tiny details without having to use a Macro lens.

Low-light Performance | Newborn Photoshoot Nebraska

Many 50mm lenses have wide apertures (e.g., f/1.8 or f/1.4), making them excellent in low-light conditions. This feature is valuable for capturing sharp, well-exposed images in various lighting situations such as with a strobe light or natural light.

Isolation of Subjects | Baby Photographer Lincoln

The 50mm lens excels in isolating subjects from their backgrounds, creating a pleasing background blur.  This is particularly appealing for portrait photography, where the emphasis is on the individual or a specific subject.

Ideal for Portraits

If your primary focus is portrait photography and have the space to utilize the lens, the 50mm lens is often considered a classic choice.