Fresh 48 Photography Lincoln, NE | Baby Jadon

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Fresh 48 Photography session Lincoln, NE.

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Capture the Very First Moments | Lincoln Nebraska Newborn Photography

If you choose to opt for a Fresh 48 session, these types of sessions allow for you to capture the very first moments of your newborn’s life. Fresh 48 sessions take place at the hospital where you deliver within the first 24-48 hours after baby is born. These moments are unique and a once in a lifetime moment.

Authenticity and Emotion | Newborn Photography Nebraska

The hospital environment provides a unique perspective and adds authenticity and freshness to the photos. The raw emotions, the tiny details of your baby, and the genuine reactions of family members first meeting the newest addition to the family are all captured in a setting that is different from a pre planned studio newborn session.

Natural Light | Fresh 48 photography

Hospital rooms typically have large window/s that provide a soft, natural light setting. During the session we will turn off the overhead lights and be as close to the window lighting as we can get. This will result in beautiful, flattering photographs without the need for artificial lighting setups.

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Documenting First Interactions and Experiences

A Fresh 48 session allows you to document the first interactions between the newborn baby and family members, including siblings, grandparents, and parents. These candid moments are often filled with joy, excitement, and tenderness. If time permits we can also capture the first bath, the baby’s first time meeting siblings or other family members, and other initial experiences can be beautifully documented during a Fresh 48 photography session.

Preparation is Minimal

Unlike a studio newborn session that typically requires preparation and planning, a Fresh 48 session is spontaneous and requires minimal preparation. This is especially beneficial for new parents who may be adjusting to their new roles and routines. I do send over a prep guide just for outfit guidance. Everything else we just go with the flow. Baby is boss and we will capture the raw and authentic moments without any planning.

Memories Beyond the Birth

While birth photography focuses on the labor and delivery process, a Fresh 48 session allows you to capture moments after the birth, creating a more comprehensive visual story of the baby’s arrival and their very first moments bonding with family.

Below you will find a collage from part of baby Jadon’s fresh 48 session where big sister met him for the very first time.

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