Best Prenatal Massage Lincoln NE

Where to go in Lincoln Nebraska for a Prenatal Massage

Receiving a prenatal massage is one of the nicest things you can do for yourself if you are expecting. This particular style of massage is intended especially for expectant mothers and can help release muscle tension and enhance blood flow. It’s also an effective way to unwind and relieve tension. We’ll talk about some of our area’s top prenatal massage specialists in this blog post.

If you’re expecting and searching for a prenatal massage in Lincoln, Nebraska, you have a lot of wonderful choices. Today I’m going to tell you about my two favorite places! These are not in any specific order and are both excellent locations.

The first place that many recommend in Lincoln isCrescent Moon Prenatal Massage

Crescent Moon Prenatal massage is located at 56th and South St. At this location you will have Courtney Downs, LMT as your therapist. Courtney provides prenatal and postpartum ladies with exceptional treatment !

She recognizes the worries, anxiety, and physical discomfort that come with being pregnant, as a mother of three children herself. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Early Education and Human Services with a focus on Child Development (2008) and her Associates of Applied Science in Massage Therapy from the Myotherapy Institute in Lincoln (2017).

Services offered by Courtney:

Prenatal Massage:

A type of massage therapy called prenatal massage is intended especially for expectant mothers. A woman’s body experiences extreme stress during pregnancy because of the significant physical and psychological changes that occur. Prenatal massage helps relieve the pain and discomfort that pregnant women endure by using specific techniques designed for them. The advantages are many and include improved breathing, relaxation, emotional support, and relief from joint discomfort brought on by excess weight and poor posture.

You can receive treatments while on your side or on your stomach with the assistance of a customized body cushion system. During your first appointment, we’ll go over these and other therapy alternatives.

Postpartum Massage:

A postpartum massage is done after giving birth and is just as vital and advantageous as a prenatal massages throughout pregnancy. Postpartum massages provide a chance for relaxation and release some of the birthing tension, which aids in the transition of new mothers to motherhood. Reduction of edema, hormone balance, increased sleep, and enhanced nursing are some of the advantages of postpartum massage. At Crescent Moon Prenatal Massage, you are more than welcome to bring your baby along to your appointment. She also has the option to schedule a postpartum massage in your own home! How amazing!

C-Section Scar Massage:

A C-Section Scar Massage is a method to encourage healing and improve the appearance and feel of your scar. Making sure the tissue is moving correctly can be achieved by massaging your scar. This method can lessen your discomfort if you have lumpy or hard patches around the scar, changed sensation, tightness, low back, pelvic, or groin pain.

The second place that is recommend is Honest to Goodness Massage Therapy and Wellness, LLC 

Honest to Goodness Massage Therapy and Wellness is located off of Pine Lake Rd and 56th st. The Owner Leah Buckbee, CMA, LMT, MMA  has been a CNA and CMA for more than 35 years. She received her LMT and MMA in 2016-17. Leah uses various massage therapy modalities and strives to improve your physical, mental, and emotional well-being and help you achieve a higher quality of life! She will work with you to at any stage, whether that means just using spa techniques to unwind your life down or by working with medical massage techniques to calm pain, stress, and exhaustion.

The services offered by Honest to Goodness Massage in relation to a pregnancy are Prenatal Massages and she also offers Pediatric Massages (for infants to 14 years old).

At Honest to Goodness Massage Therapy and Wellness, LLC they also have students from Myotherapy Institue as they work their way through their degrees in Massage Therapy! You are able to schedule with them as well!