Children’s Portraits | Lincoln NE Studio Photographer

Children’s Portraits | Lincoln NE Studio Photographer

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Capturing the Magic of Childhood | A simple guide to Children’s Portraits in the Studio

Children are full of innocence, curiosity, and boundless energy!  Capturing their quirky personalities in a photograph is also freezing a moment of their childhood. A portrait session in the studio provides a controlled environment where also my creativity as a photographer can flourish! I tend to focus on simple minimalistic milestone sessions which include a solid backdrop color and your child! That is it! We may throw a prop or two in the images but I just love when the focus is on your child vs a busy backdrop. In this blog I will explain and discuss the steps it takes to create beautiful children’s portraits in the studio.

Preparing for the Session | Child Photographer in Nebraska

Communication with you (parents) before a session takes place is a MUST! I typically will send out a questionnaire with questions regarding your child’s milestone ability and their likes and dislikes. With these noted before the session this will 100% help with the flow of the session. I do provide all wardrobe for your children for the session. However, if you have something you’d love to have them wear feel free to bring that along. Remember the session is for you, so your likes, dislikes, and wants will be heard.

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The Session | Nebraska Baby Photographer

When you arrive to my studio in Lincoln NE, we will have some fun breaking the ice before the session takes place. This is to ensure your child feels comfortable in a new environment, we can walk around the studio to check out all of the cool equipment, I can show them the play area for them to utilize when they need a quick break. I also have snacks and beverages available because I know how tiring and rough it can be posing for pictures at such a young age.. haha. For me, patience is absolutely KEY! Children can be very unpredictable so I am prepared to adapt to their moods and am willing to take breaks when needed.

I always try to encourage natural expressions this allows me to capture the candid moments that truly reflect their personalities. We will incorporate music, toys, games to allow for those genuine laughs and smiles.

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Sweet Maria and Alicia joined me in my Lincoln Nebraska studio for a fun expression milestone session! As you can see we were able to capture the genuine smiles and faces of the girls! If you are looking for a photographer in the Lincoln Nebraska area to document your babies or children I’d love to help!

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