Lactation Consultants in Lincoln, Nebraska are here to guide you through your breastfeeding journey

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Whether you’re just starting out with breastfeeding or already a seasoned pro, a lactation consultants are invaluable in supplying families with research and knowledge about breastfeeding, as well as offering feeding support.

Below are some top choices for a lactation consultant in Lincoln, Nebraska, providing the essential support every mama desires.

Find your ideal Lincoln,NE Lactation Consultant


In 2001, a group of women created MilkWorks with the goal of providing comprehensive, evidence-based breastfeeding support to all families.  Every nursing experience is distinct in terms of objectives, difficulties, and priorities. Although nursing is something that people have done since the dawn of time, it is also a skill that needs to be acquired and practiced. Milkworks offers consultations to assess newborn feeding and latch, breast pumps and scales, monthly classes and newborn weight checks. They service the Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska areas.

This practice hits home because I saw Suzy Meyers, IBCLC whom works within this practice in March of 2024. She was amazing to work with and made me feel so comfortable when it came to helping my son with his latch. I could tell that she was very knowledgeable and experienced in this field. As a mom of 5 I thought for sure I had breastfeeding down, that was until my most recent son was born in March 2024. He was born at 37 weeks and I was planning on breastfeeding him just as I did my other children. The struggles that came with this were once I have never faced before. I spoke to his pediatrician about his latch and if she could check him for tongue tie, in which she stated he didn’t have. She then recommended I see a lactation consultant; and so I went and from that day forward, my breastfeeding journey with my last son has continued with no complications. I could not have done it without the help from Suzy.

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Lincoln Lactation & Life After Birth

Lincoln Lactation is operated by Melissa Hnosko, IBCLC CPD a board certified lactation consultant and birth doula. She provides evidence based in-home support to families in the Lincoln area within the first 6 weeks after birth.

The services that Melissa offers include: lactation and breastfeeding help, healing mother care including warm meals & beverages, gentle newborn care with an extra set of hands to give moms and dads a break when needed, household care such as organization, infant laundry, bottle cleaning etc. She also offers a bi-weekly support group for moms to support one another during the first year of parenting!

Lincoln Pediatric Group

Dr. Kay L. Anderson, MD, FAAP, IBCLC is a breastfeeding medicine specialist at Lincoln Pediatric Group. She has dedicated her practice to helping young families adjust to parenthood for the past two decades. Dr. Anderson is equipped with training to support mothers in their breastfeeding journey, as well as address worries about your babies health and behaviors as their pediatrician. Dr. Anderson has over 40 years of healthcare experience and is ready to provide the support you need to reach your breastfeeding goals.

No matter which of the above Lactation Consultants in Lincoln you choose to work with, you are assured to be supported throughout your breastfeeding journey! If you would like for me to document this special breastfeeding time for you I would be honored to do so with a fresh 48 newborn photography session done in the hospital.